Code examples for Python


X.509 Tutorial: 5 ways to issue certificates for IT services, users, clients, and IoT devices

We show you several ways how easy it is to issue certificates to any kind of devices including embedded systems and IoT using our se.SAM™ PKI.

N200 Appliance und Lottoschein 6 aus 49

Calculating the correct lottery numbers “6 out of 49” – 100% correct and 100% secure

Crypto in action: The se.SAM™ N200 Crypto Appliance is suitable for calculating the correct lottery numbers of 6 out of 49 100% correct numbers and 100% security, for which we offer customers of the appliance a free Python program.

HSM-Safe (Credentials, Personal Data, Business Secrets, Finance Data)

Keys in hardware: encryption using an HSM

Häufig müssen vertrauliche Informationen, z.B. personenbezogene Daten, Zugangsdaten, Finanzdaten oder Firmengeheimnissen, in Server- oder Cloud-Anwendungen verschlüsselt abgespeichert werden