Secure Curves

600% less cryptographic overhead for X.509 certificates

In this article we are comparing ECC and RSA algorithm for digital certificates. The objective is to get information about speed, size and usability.

IoT PKI – se.SAM™ PKI Mockup

This is mockup of our se.SAM™ N-Series version 5.0 crypto appliance showing our WebGUI featuring the new PKI solution for IT, industrial, IoT and embedded use cases. It is an optional plugin to our appliance.


X.509 Tutorial: 5 ways to issue certificates for IT services, users, clients, and IoT devices

We show you several ways how easy it is to issue certificates to any kind of devices including embedded systems and IoT using our se.SAM™ PKI.

Technical Concepts in se.SAM PKI™ for IT, OT, Embedded and IoT

Beginning with se.SAM™ N-Series version 5.0 sematicon AG will offer a HSM based PKI solution for IT, industrial, IoT and embedded use cases. The Certificate Authority (CA) will be available as an integrated software module on se.SAM™ N200 Crypto Appliance and se.SAM™ NX200 24-48V Industrial DIN-rail fan-less appliance.

The first affordable HSM based IoT Certificate Authority

sematicon AG is presenting the first HSM including a full featured IoT PKI under the se.SAM™ brand in an affordable package for everyone.

Ready to use HSM based PKI at a minimal cost

Comparing Open-Source PKI Solutions and introducing the difference to our easy to use e.SAM™ PKI with HSM included.