se.MIS™ Industrial Remote Management Solution and Maintenance Book 4.0 for industrial and control systems

Every industrial plant today requires a secure remote management solution. In order to perform maintenance or monitoring tasks, access to the control systems has to be planned, regulated and made available for employees as well as external technicians. A system needs to be easy to handle despite strong user authentication or isolated machine and plant networks. A consistent track record in a digital maintenance book, access concepts featuring various user roles and user groups, time control and the integration of machines and plants of all ages are also indispensable for an industrial remote management system.

se.MIS™ fulfils all these specifications and aims at bringing success to your remote management projects.

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se.MIS™ Secure Remote Management in the age of Industry 4.0

Secure remote access to old and modern systems and machines

Remote access without prior software installation on the target machine or using VPN

Comprehensive and easy-to-manage roles, rights and access concepts

Self-determination of IT and industry

Fully-integrated, digital Maintenance Book 4.0

Most modern and highest security standards

se.MIS™ Secure Remote Management and digital Maintenance Book

Secure and reproducible access

se.MIS™ Remote Management has been developed in collaboration with various industrial partners and their individual machine parks. Thus, the industry’s concrete goals and expectations have been and still are centre stage at all times. se.MIS™ Remote Management has been developed with the industry for the industry.

The majority of industrial systems cannot be kept up to the latest software standards by means of security updates. Considerable risks in network environments may occur which lead to a tense relationship between IT and industry. The focus of the IT is to securely connect the systems to the network, whereas the industry is predominantly looking at the systems’ end-to-end functionality. se.MIS™ Remote Management aims at securing and integrating the central control systems based on state-of-the-art IT standards – without changing these when new software or updates have to be added.

A fundamental design principle has been the option of self management for machine technicians. The basis of the overal solution is formed by the digital maintenance book which documents and consistently records all modifications and every access to the system.

se.MIS™ assists our customers to always keep the requirements of the IEC-62443 directive in mind and therefore facilitates a potential future certification as best as possible.

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se.MIS™ Secure Remote Management Use Cases

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS Hintergrundbild

se.MIS™ Remote Management for producing companies

Obtain an extensive overview in real-time about the status of your machines and systems, without having to make your way to the production hall. Resolve problems and give instructions remotely.

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS dezentrale Umgebungen

se.MIS™ Remote Management for decentralised environments

Connect your decentralised locations to just one system. In a secure environment, you are able to troubleshoot, carry out maintenance tasks and support your colleagues at the same time.

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS Hintergrundbild

se.MIS™ Remote Management for buildings and infrastructure

Connect, monitor and manage systems in buildings or carry out maintenance tasks. Reduce maintenance and troubleshooting efforts as well as on-site visits.

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS Logistik

se.MIS™ Remote Management for logistics and transport

Establish remote connections to warehouses, logistics centres and their infrastructure. Manage and control processes or support your colleagues on-site.

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS Logistik

se.MIS™ Remote Management for critical infrastructure

Access your critical infrastructure securely without risky VPN connections. Keep a record of all activities in the digital maintenance book. Control and monitor each and every access to your systems comprehensively.

Industrial Remote Management - se.MIS Ihr Produkt

se.MIS™ Remote Management for your products and services

Manage your products securely remotely. Optimise your maintenance and support services. Increase customer satisfaction through fast responses and error assessment.