We do not hide – We encrypt

sematicon AG shares years of experience in IT security and industrial environments and closes the gaps between IT and the industry.

We offer solutions for the industry in the following areas

  • encrypted and secure access to embedded, industrial and central control systems
  • cryptography in embedded systems
  • firmware protection
  • secure access from microcomputers to IT or cloud environments
  • conceptual design, training and consulting of
    • Hardware Security Module (HSM)
    • cryptography
    • encryption
    • „Secure Design“

sematicon AG offers easy-to-implement and technologically trend-setting solutions for the industry, which aim at protecting business-critical processes effectively without influencing applicable standards. At the same time we fulfill all requirements for increasing data protection during the exchange of sensitive data – be it via old or new systems.

Our products are based on an architectural design according to international and well-established standards. They are characterised by transparent operation and high cost efficiency.

In addition to sophisticated firmware solutions, our house’s portfolio is completed with high-quality and industrially usable hardware solutions.

sematicon-solutions are 100% made in Germany, developed by our engineers in our Munich headquarter. Support is provided entirely from Germany. Our close-knit partner and supplier network allows us to design, develop and manufacture our hardware components exclusively in Germany. Thus, our hardware is 100% made in Germany.

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