sematicon se.SAM™ Crypto Modules – a whole new kind of digital security – in any environment

The „sematicon Security und Authentication Modules“ – short: the se.SAM™  Crypto Modules – have been especially designed to meet the requirements of industrial, electronic engineering, IoT and IIoT systems. These areas demand stability, robustness and particular easy handling. The se.SAM™ Crypto Modules fulfil all these requirements and facilitate the integration and upgrade possibilities of digital security regardless of the platform.

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Ready-to-use solutions with a flexible interface

se.SAM™ crypto modules feature integrated crypto-blocks and can be implemented in most operating systems and architectures without additional software or drivers.

International standards and directives

se.SAM™ supports and facilitates the implementation of directives, such as IEC-62443 in industrial IT environments. The sematicon crypto modules meet the requirements in the area of cryptography.

Cryptography in hardware

Cryptographic operations are executed within the se.SAM™ crypto modules in order to optimise key protection and guarantee security.

sematicon se.SAM™ – leverage the opportunities of digitisation and networking securely

Although digital transformation brings up many exciting new possibilities in networking and digitisation, there are also demanding challenges to deal with. One prominent issue is how to guarantee confidentiality, authenticity and availability of digital data and processes. Effective cryptographic methods are needed in order to fulfil these criteria.

Cryptography has gained wide-ranging acceptance in the IT environment. This is mainly due to the fact that access to many, partly complex algorithms has been greatly simplified by graphical tools and digital assistants. However, the development in industry and electronic engineering cannot benefit immediately from these established concepts and strategies of the IT environment. Their transfer is easier said than done in view of the different requirements, such as outdated systems, rare resources, predictable reaction times, update cycles, availability, run times or missing graphical operating systems.

Nevertheless, industrial or electronic devices and machines must be integrated into modern IT systems or the internet. With se.SAM™, sematicon offers an adequate solution and allows cryptography to be used by anyone, regardless of the platform.

Long-term availability

The availability of the se.SAM™ crypto modules is guaranteed for many years. Costs can be reduced and re-certification processes avoided due to new hardware.

High environmental stability

The crypto modules of the se.SAM™ U-Series are waterproof, shockproof and temperature resistant, which makes it possible to use them indoors and outdoors without a problem.

High electromagnetic interference immunity

se.SAM™ is certified for use in both IT and industry. The hardware is thus ideally suitable for installation in plants and control cabinets.

se.SAM Krypto Module - Hintegrundbild

Learning, but not copying from the IT

When thinking about the security of intelligent devices, it is often attempted to simply apply conventional IT notions. In most cases, security is understood to be the equivalent of confidentiality. This belief often results in an excessive use of encryption, which might actually not be necessary. The idea of implementing a PKI solution tends to be in the foreground when dealing with authenticity and accuracy of data. However, these systems are complex and expensive to set up and operate.

se.SAM™ promises to be an easy-to-handle solution for numerous use cases – without having to implement a complex PKI system. se.SAM™ offers convenient tools to minimise complexity.

It is recommended not to attempt the adaptation of processes and techniques from the IT. se.SAM™ facilitates the integration of cryptography and brings cost-effective success to your security project in a short time.

Use cases for se.SAM™ Crypto Modules


se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge -

Authenticity and integrity of data

se.SAM™ guarantees protection and authenticity of any data like measured values, sensor data and other intellectual property.

se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge - Serverraum

Secure communication with data centres and the cloud

se.SAM™ has been developed based on industry standards and BSI recommendations, thus nothing prevents its integration into existing IT systems and cloud applications.

se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge - Schutz vor Zugriff

Protection against unauthorised access

se.SAM™ offers protection against unauthorised manipulation by securing it with cryptographic methods – be it between a human being and machine (H2M) or between machines (M2M).

se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge - Automotive

Cryptography in the automotive sector

Apply se.SAM™ in order to enable secure communication, e.g. between assistance systems, and prevent unauthorised access. Allow temporary permission for the transfer of software and diagnostic data in the garage.

se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge - Verkehrsleittechnik

Cryptography in traffic control systems

se.SAM™ not only verifies where the data and measured values come from and guarantees their integrity and immutability, but also regulates access through authorised personnel only.

se.sam Kryptowerkzeuge - Sensortechnik

Cryptography in measurement and sensor technology

Use se.SAM™ to prove the origin and authenticity of measured and sensor values, images or diagnostic data. se.SAM™ also ensures that the data have not been changed afterwards.

se.SAM Krypto Module - Hintegrundbild

The se.SAM™ Product Family


se.SAM™ U-Serie

se.SAM™ U110 – Series  – The simple solution using a USB port

The U110 – Series is the first version of the se.SAM™ family featuring a simple USB port. The module comes with a CC-JIL certified crypto processor. Many settings and algorithms have already been pre-customised as universally as possible, destined to boost the evolvement of projects. The device connects via a virtual serial interface and can therefore be utilised on all platforms in any programming language.

se.SAM™ U210 – Series – Extended functionality and CC-certified processor

Like the U110 – Series, the U210 – Series is connected to most operating systems via a serial interface (CDC). In addition to a variety of algorithms, such as NIST, Brainpool and RSA, granular rights can be allocated to key objects.

“Secure manufacturing” is fully supported and can be realised in combination with the N – Series module. The crypto processor’s hardware as well as its operating system are CC-EAL6+-certified.

se.SAM™ U-Serie
se.SAM Krypto Module - P110 Serie

se.SAM™ P210 – The Module for the MiniPCIe interface

The MiniPCIe interface can be found in many industrial PCs and control systems. It permits the crypto module to be safely installed and screwed. Identical in the featured functions and equipped with the same processor as the U210 – Series, the device is ready to be utilised variably whenever a trust anchor is essential. It also registers itself as a CDC – device in the operating system and responds to simple commands.

se.SAM™ P220 – The module for temporary keys

The P220 – Series is based on the P210 – Series module and includes a robust real-time clock on top. The module generates temporary (ephemeral) keys, changes them regularly – even without a data connection – and keeps them synchronised. In addition, the direct use of a clock facilitates independent time stamps or the verification of time-based one-time passwords.

se.SAM Krypto Module - P210 Serie
se.SAM Krypto Module - P210 Serie

se.SAM™ N200 – Series – The cryptographic solution for your network

The N200 – Series complements our portfolio with a high-performance hardware security module (HSM) that can be implemented into the network. It comes with a simple ReST-API and supports other protocols such as MQTT or RAW-TCP, too. The N – Series is more powerful than the U- or P-Series and the two built-in certified crypto processors can be operated independently of each other or in combination. The N – Series is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to classic HSMs.

se.SAM™ Embedded – The solution for flexible interfaces

Is the needed device or interface not available? No problem. We are happy to deliver our se.SAM™ Embedded Crypto Module also for further interfaces, form factors or simply as a chip for the integration directly on the circuit board – according to your project’s demand. Commands (as far as possible) and functionalities are identical with the modules of the U – and P – Series.

se.SAM Krypto Library