The following mockups are showing the PKI-GUI based in August 2022 just before planned release end of September 2022. This is considered to be the final version.

The first CA is generated using the HSM key “Root-Key”:

se.SAM Generted CA

Look at the granular details of a Root-CA:

se.SAM Change CA Settings

Templates for Certificate Generation

Generieren a template “IoT-Issue-Template-2022” that can be used to generate certificates:

se.SAM PKI Create Template

CA Setting using Key-Usage

Change the Key-Usage and Extended-Key-Usage of your CA within the Web-GUI:

se.SAM Change CA Extended Settings

Easy Generation of X.509 Certificates

Both via the REST API but also via the Admin GUI, X.509 certificates can be generated via a previously defined template. There is an extensive set of distribution methods for the generated certificates.

se.SAM PKI Certificate Issuing

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